Xabier Larrañaga (Euskal Herria)

This new beatification makes me think and, above all, thank. They are our brothers. To reflection and gratitude is added that healthy pride of knowing united to people “like them”, heroes of faith in the God of Jesus Christ, sons of the Heart of Mary. It’s something that touches my family. I feel happy to be a member of this family. The martyrs, moreover, open us to hope. They tell us that there is always something more important than that which we consider essential. And they do not say it because they are tired of living, or because even nothing is better than life touched by suffering and despair. No, this is not the case. In the middle of life, and wanting to live and give themselves to others, these brothers make us see what makes them live. They open us to hope. But they are not “supermen”. I love the preface of Martyrs, where we pray: in your martyrdom, Lord, you have drawn strength from the weak. Strength comes from the weak, not from the self-sufficiency that is seen in so many Church projects. It is not even my faith, its sturdiness, that carries out the cause of the Kingdom, but the fact that God wants to count on it to “draw strength from the weak.” This beatification is a new opportunity offered by the Congregation so that we focus our attention on what truly counts. And when we think about it, let us consider not only what we know (our “qualities” and “charisms”), but our weaknesses and our fears as a matter of prayer. The Martyrs were not stronger than us. They knew they were weak, and so they told God. And that is wisdom and eloquence. Of the rest … God is responsible, and the fruit knows God.