Thomas Thennadiyil (Bangalore)

Our Claretian family is going to celebrate the beatification of an unusually big number of our brothers. Very proud moment for our family. Thank you, Lord for this bounteous gift. The occasion helps me look at the deep layers of my own missionary vocation. Our brothers were not really seeking death; they sought selfless love and discovered that the supreme act of love is death. They found joy, meaning and purpose in giving up everything for Him, not leaving anything for themselves, just as He did. What extraordinary courage in extraordinary circumstances! They fixed their eyes on not what is seen but on what is unseen. Their lives give us hope. They light up our period of history, awakening within us a renewed desire to follow Christ in the style of our Father, St. Anthony Mary Claret.

Perhaps I may not face bullets as my brothers did. But in many parts of the world today it requires real heroism and extraordinary courage “to live” a life of radical following of the Lord. I feel the Lord invites me to look at Mary, our Mother’s example of suffering united to Him at the foot of the cross. Although Mary did not share physically in the Passion, it was the suffering she experienced in her heart that united her to Christ’s sacrifice. Lord, help me hold firmly on to your cross at all times especially at moments of my temptations to vain glory, selfishness, pride, arrogance… Help me carry the death of Jesus in my heart so that the light of His life may shine all the more brilliantly through me.