Paulson Veliyannoor (North East India)

For me, the beatification of my brothers is an affirmation and reminder that it is possible to remain “missionaries to the end” and shall I say, “to the end and beyond“? It is an invitation for me to honor my commitment to God and to His people, come what may. It is an inspiration for me to know that if my brothers have walked the path of joyful fidelity to the Gospel until their last breath, I too can do the same, in dynamic equivalency, in the given circumstances of my life. It is a spiritual challenge, in these modern days of dictatorship of relativism, fragility of commitment, narcissistic narratives, and survival at the cost of the other, beckoning me and my fellow Claretian brothers as well as other people of good will, to live out the Gospel mandate for lasting commitment, service to life, inclusive loving, and ministering in the margins. If and when chips are down and the going gets tough, I hope the witness of my brothers will serve me as nourishment and I can re-discover the fire that burns within every Claretian, the fire of God’s covenantal love that never fails, but redeems and renews my being.