Màxim Muñoz (Catalunya)

This beatification means the crowning of all the causes of our martyrs of the Spanish civil war. It allows us to contemplate the impressive testimony of faith and forgiveness given by our Congregation and each martyr in so tragic moments for society and for the Church in Spain. I am proud of some brethren who, being “normal” Christians and religious, like me, were able to respond with extraordinary generosity and strength in such extraordinary circumstances. Certainly, this is not improvised: they had received from our Congregation a solid foundation, in the formation and cultivation of the habitual way of life that they carried. And that is also a source of pride.

Their testimony of intimate union with Christ, which enabled them to live their death with his own attitudes, came to me in a profound way: a radical trust in the Father, of strength and courage with which they conquered their natural human weakness in the face of attacks, offenses, temptations and death itself; of firm hope that Life and Love are stronger than death; of love that reaches to the forgiveness of enemies.

I firmly believe in the fruitfulness of their deaths. What for the Congregation was a great loss, it has become a great force, energy and inspiration. Above all, because their testimony continually challenges and encourages us, in the face of the temptation of distrust, of indulgence or mediocrity in our faith and our commitments. Martyrdom is certainly an exceptional fact, but it is in the line of the lifestyle that Christ asks his followers: to give up “to save one’s life” or to reserve it for one’s own plans and give it generously so that all “have life and have it galore”.