MATEO LARRAURI (Euskal Herria)

The Church discovers in these Claretian martyrs a testimony of radical fidelity in the following of Jesus Christ. There is in them a radical and passionate attachment to Jesus Christ. Christ is the reason for their lives, they live in him, they act from him and they give their life for his sake. How necessary is today for the Church and the world, men and women who love and love Jesus Christ to the end!

The Church, contemplating the martyrdom of these 109 Claretians, reaffirms that only forgiveness and love build peace, energize hope and destroy hatred and violence. To see how these Claretian martyrs forgive those who take their lives, make us understand their identification with Christ, help us discover their announcement and testimony of brotherhood and call us to witness forgiveness and reconciliation. How necessary is today in the Church and in the world, forgiveness and reconciliation, to realize fraternity, the Kingdom of God, the common union of peoples!

Today the Church does not need many scholars, nor many preachers, today the Church needs witnesses, people who confess (tell their faith) with life, who are willing to be faithful to Jesus Christ, to give their life for Him rather than to deny Him. These Claretian martyrs witness to their faith, confess it with their attitude to martyrdom, narrate their faith, forgive and surrender their lives. They are referents for anyone who wants to follow Jesus today. They not only talk about Jesus, but give their lives for Jesus. How necessary are today in the Church and in the world, men and women who “narrate” their faith with the testimony of their own lives!