MANUEL A. TAMARGO (Gobierno General)

They are 109 lives, 109 different stories but all heroic. It cannot be a coincidence, but the fruit of faith, of vocation, of formation in a Congregation with a Founder who embraced suffering and was ready for martyrdom. More than 80 years have passed but the strength of the testimony of these missionaries remains as timely, as present, as interpellant as the first day.

We, heirs of the same charism and fortunate connoisseurs of these 109 heroes, are proud of our brothers, of the Congregation. And we thank God for their lives and their offering to the end.

On October 21 we will have the opportunity to renew our commitment, our consecration, to reinforce our option to follow Jesus in the style of Claret. And to put all this also under the intercession of these brothers whom the Church recognizes as Blessed.

It is a message of hope for all, not only for us Claretians but for the whole world. It is possible the supreme fidelity, it is possible the love until the death. And it is not within reach of a particular type of people. These 109 brothers were very different, but they had in common the same vocation and a strong fidelity. They mark a path that we must follow to the point that God asks us. And it is a way for all Christians, each in their circumstances.

October 21 will be a special day for all of us, Sons of the Heart of Mary; a big celebration that we want to share with everyone. To proclaim the greatness of our brothers, simple of origin but great and important in their deed. To Mary, our Mother, we also thank you for having taken care of them and brought them by the hand to the encounter of the Risen Christ.