Reflecting on the beatification of our 109 brother martyrs brings to mind the love of God and spirit of fraternity. These are two important components of our life that are clearly visible in their self-offering. Its significance is strongly connected to our identity as who we truly are and how we are supposed to live our lives in season and out of season. The beatification is a reminder of our fundamental vocation as missionaries and as Claretians.

As missionaries, we are naturally inclined to entrust everything to God as people sent to evangelize and serve the Word; however, offering everything to God will not be truly possible without the love for Him. The love of God will make possible what human standards may find impossible. Their acts of self-sacrifice, forgiving their perpetrators, and dying in peace demonstrated clearly how Christ’s love empowered our brother martyrs.

For us, Claretians, community life is a sacred component of missionary life. The martyrdom of our brothers and those who are not in the list and yet, are equally holy and deserving, reminds us that from our fraternity we draw strength and guidance and to our community we share life.

The beatification of our brothers should be an occasion of thanksgiving and renewal of missionary commitment for all of us who share their vocation and response.