Jhon Jairo Flórez Palacio (Colombia-Venezuela)

Beyond the official recognition of the Church, the beatification of our 109 Claretian missionaries means for me a sign and witness of the giving of life in the conflictive context of the reality they lived, assuming from their self-oblation and commitment the circumstances that the reality of their experience of life and mission presented them. This testimony stimulates and encourages me to face conflicts in contexts (in certain cases of violence, pain and death) in which we are carrying out our mission in Colombia and Venezuela, knowing that, although we do not violently surrender our lives, we are called to offer it in our daily lives with gestures of love towards the people we are called to serve from our mission.

Another aspect that inspires me the testimony of our brothers is their deep spirituality. They teach us to live as missionaries “with spirit”, because they knew how to tune and discover in their life circumstances the passage of God through them, and so they witnessed with their commitment. Listening to God’s passing through the painful moments that they lived and that led to the surrender of their lives, are an example for us today to assume our life (as individuals and as a community) with a missionary spirituality, based on hope, recognizing in every event of our life that God accompanies us. The heroism of the offering of these brothers lies in the generosity with which they took their life and offered it as a seed that today must germinate in us.