Gustavo Alonso (San José del Sur – Argentina)

For the fourth time, we Claretians have the opportunity to celebrate the beatification of our martyr brothers. And, this time, in an unusual number. These celebrations refer us to the martyred experience of our Holy Founder, the Missionary Claret.

I believe that updating this memory helps us to a deep understanding of our missionary vocation. Servants of the Word, we understand that this service demands, along with the verbal announcement, the testimony of our way of life. And, also, given the occasion, the giving of our life. An offering that, in an extraordinary way, made so many Sons of the Heart of Mary in Spain in 1936 and also expanded to other territories, such as Mexico and the Philippines.

Martyrdom is always the grace of the Lord. It is especially so for a Congregation sent to evangelize around the world. That is why we feel invited to celebrate this grace in our brothers Martyrs.