The beatification of our brother martyrs is both an invitation and a constant reminder to live one’s missionary vocation with fidelity. The grandeur of their sacrifice inspires us to offer ourselves to God, to the Church and to the Congregation sans doubts or shades of fear. More to it, the shedding of their blood gives meaning to our commitment and keeps our missionary ardor alive.

The martyrdom of our brother martyrs is a proof that to live a missionary life is to witness to the truth of the Gospel and the love of God. It is a kind of witnessing that is grounded in faith, unperturbed by the lure of power, wealth, and fame. The power of such witnessing rests on obedience to God’s commandment to love; its wealth, on God’s providence; and its fame, on God’s embrace.

The memory of their death is likewise a solemn tribute to common life. They embraced martyrdom as brothers in the community. A community bonded in faith whereby death lost its power to destroy. Nothing daunts these Claretians, for they now live in the eternity of God’s presence.