Jose Sole Maimo

Born August 21, 1890 in Guardiolada (Lérida)

Professed January 6, 1917

Martired September 5, 1936 in Tarrasa


He was born on August 21, 1890 in Guardiolada, in the province of Lerida. A few days later, he was baptized in the parish Church. He also received the Sacrament of Confirmation in the town Church. His parents were Don Isidro Sole and Mrs. Rosa Maimo. He was educated in a Christian manner according to the times.

When he was 25 years of age, he entered the Congregation in Cervera. Then on January 5, 1916, he began his Novitiate under the direction of Fr. Ramón Ribera. At the end of the canonical year, he make his First Profession on January 6, 1917.

After First Profession, he continued residing in Cervera as a tailor, but also cook and mason. Before entering the Claretians, he had worked as a mason. On October 7, 1933, he was assigned to La Selva del Campo as an assistant cook, but the following year returned Cervera. In February 1935, after a brief stay in Solsona, he returned to La Selva del Campo but temporarily as a nurse, to assist the sick and in other duties of the house. In April of that year, he was transferred to Barcelona, but was a member of the community of Cervera.



The Master of Novices describes him as having very good health, and good  behavior. These virtues continued increasing with the passage of time. The witnesses are unanimous in saying that he was a very good work. He was a bricklayer by profession and diligent in the performance of his work. He was also very helpful and always ready to the serve the communities.

Very good religious, observant of the Constitutions and obedient. Had the reputation of being a spiritual individual. He distinguished himself by his recollection, his perculiar interior and contemplative life. The outbreak of the Marxist Revolution surprised him. On July 19th, he escaped with Fr. Carlos Cata who had been preaching in Sardanyola. Around noon on July 20th,  they went to the house of Sabadell finding that the others had scattered. They did find Fr. Nolla guarding the house and he prepared something to eat.

The Brother was taken to the home of Mrs. Crescencia Vinas where Brother Claveria had taken refuge. Brother Sole was a bricklayer and could easily go unnoticed, but he still took precautions. So to avoid any surprises by the police, at dusk using a rope, he would enter an uninhabited house to sleep. Sometimes he would spend the days hiding out away from others. They would bring him food by means of the rope. But all the measures proved fruitless. In the afternoon of August 4th, a man named Romans came asking for him by name. Brother Sole could have escaped but it was more important to be with his brothers.

As he was called by the police to come out of his hiding place, he leaves the house with his Rosary in hand and silently walked to the car. They took him to jail where he met the other members of the community.

He was in prison a month, until September 4th. All this time, he led a life of recollection and preparation for martyrdom. On that evening, the Anarchists took him by force, putting him in a car with Fr. Puig and Brother’s Claveria and Rafi.  They went down the road of Castellar to Terrasa and were shot dead in the early hours of September 5, 1936.

In the Civil Death certificate, it attests that Brother Sole died in Terrasa on September 5, 1936. His body was found on the road of Castellar. The reason for his death was the result of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was buried in the cemetery of that city.