Joseph Claveria Mas

Claveria Mas, Josep

Born August 29, 1875 in Vic (Barcelona)

Professed November 3, 1901

Shot September 5, 1936 in Terrassa


He was born in the city of Vic on August 29, 1875. He was baptized a few days later and received the Sacrament of Confirmation in the same parish but the books from the Church disappeared during the Marxist Revolution. It is known that before any religious profession, one is always required to present the baptism and confirmation records. His parents were Don Segismundo Claveria and Mrs. Rosa Mas. They had 6 children. His father was a laborer. This family faithfully followed the Christian teachings, piety and customs.

He entered the Congregation as a Brother coadjutor in 1900. As with many Brother candidates, the pre-Postulancy would be short, so he began his Novitiate in November and would make his First Profession in Cervera on November 3, 1901. In this community, he served as sacristan and other needs as required in a very large community. In the years that the brother lived in Cervera, there were more than 200 Claretians living in the house.

In 1913, he was assigned to the mission house of Sabadell. Here he lived until his death in 1936. During these many years, he worked with a number of Superiors. We mention Father Matthew Casals on three separate occasions, 1922-1925, 1925-1928, 1934-1936. He fulfilled his responsibility as sacristan with acceptance and diligence.

One of the qualities that seemed to stand out for him was that he was a quick learner. He was humble, laborious, diligent, good spirited and pious. He was distinguished for his care and cleanliness. He proved to have a knowledgable understanding of liturgical functions. Many commented that he was for the job. He had a taste for the things as sacristan.

He was a good religious, observant of the Constitutions and obedient to his Superiors. He proved to be an excellent member in the community.



With the outbreak of the Marxist Revolution, he was living in Sabadell. On July 19, 1936, after having to leave the convent, he took refuge in the Calle San Juan (Soler House). The next day, he returned with the rest of the community members to the convent to celebrate Mass. At midday, everyone headed back to their shelters of refuge. Later he moved with Fr. Puig to a home for the elderly staffed by the Little Sisters of the Poor. They stayed there until August 4th.

On the afternoon of August 4th, a few patrol cars arrived led by a spy named Romans. He was arrested along with Fr. Puig and taken to the prison, where he met the other members of the community. He lived there for a whole month, until September 4th. During all this time in prison, he was devoted to preparing for martyrdom with the acts of piety, like the Rosary and Spiritual Exercises.

He was violently taken from prison on the night of September 4, 1936. Placed in the car with Fr. Puig and Brother’s Rafi and Sole They were being moved. He was shot in the road of Castellar within the Municipality of Terrassa in the early hours of September 5th. According to the death certificate, he died of a brain hemorrhage. The cause of death was obvious. He was buried in the cemetery of that city.