Jose Cardona Dalmases

Cardona Dalmases, Josep

Born March 31, 1916 in Prades-Molsosa (Lérida)

Professed August 15, 1932

Shot September 5, 1936 in Sabadell


Brother Jose was born on March 31, 1916, in the house of his parents at ten in the evening, in the town of Prades-Molsosa within Diocese of Vic. His parents were Mr. Marcelino Cardona Estany, a laborer by profession and Mrs. Luisa Dalmases Grau, a homemaker and native of Castelltallet. He was baptized a few days later with the names of Jose, Amadeo Luis. Years later he was Confirmed.

The first education and formation he received was in his home and in the parish. He entered the Congregation, as Brother Coadjutor applicant on July 16, 1930 in Vic. On August 14, 1931, he began his Novitiate. On August 15, 1932, he made his First Profession with 15 other students and a brother.

He was assigned to the large community of Cervera. There he renewed his vows in 1933 and 1934. Even though he was a member of the community of Cervera, he was sent to the community of Sabadell to help as a cook from August 25 to September 3, 1934. In a letter that he wrote to his family, he stated that he was happy and that he likes his responsibility as cook.

On October 21, 1934, he was transferred to the college of Solsona, where he would also make his final vows. Shortly after, he was assigned to Sabadell. The members of the community saw him as a modest cook and attentive to the needs of others.

He was docile, charitable, humble, helpful and diligent. The Superiors saw him as a good religious always fulfilling his responsibilities.



On July 19, 1936, like the other members of the community, he left the house and took refuge together with Brother Rafi at the home of the Roca family, who lived on Calle Illa, #50. The next day in the morning, he returned to the house to hear Mass and receive Communion. By noon, at the behest of the Roca family, he returned to their home where he remained for about 15 days.

In fact, on August 4th, at 11:30 in the morning, he was arrested by the militia. They had arrived to make a recording of the family home. Despite the fact that the owners of the house said that he was a servant of the missionaries, he was still arrested. He was taken to the municipal jail. There he found other Claretians imprisoned and almost immediately these six members returned to their community routine. In the prison, the brother continued his occupation as a cook. Also, they lived community life with the pious acts of the Rosary and Spiritual Exercises.

On September 4th, a night patrol of Anarchists arrived and dragged the other prisoners from their cells. They were taken in cars out of the city. The prisoners were shouting “Long Live Christ the King! Long live the Sacred Heart of Jesus! On September 5, 1936, around five in the morning, he was shot in the vicinity of Sabadell, in particular in front of the hermitage of Santiga Road, on the Santa Perpetua road. He was buried in a grave in Sabadell. They were able to identify his youthful body by the clothes he was wearing and the number on his collar.