Luis Albi Aguilar

Born April 1, 1910 in Barcelona

Professed August 31, 1926

Ordained a priest May 26, 1934

Shot August 21, 1936 in Lleida


Father Luis Albi was born in the city of Barcelona on April 1, 1910, and was baptized 10 days later in the parish of Santa Maria de Gracia. At the age of three he received the Sacrament of Confirmation. His parents were Don Luis Albi and Mrs. Enriqueta Aguilar and they had three other boys, who he frequently mentioned in his letters. When he was very Young, he became an acolyte in the chapel of the Escolapias Nuns, where he assisted every day at Mass with Mosen Jerome.

In the month of July 1921, he entered the Postulancy in the city of Vic, and as he would leave he said to his Mother:

“Mother, I thank you for not having taken me to the cinema or the theater.”

In Vic, his Prefect was Father Jaime Girón for the first four years. He completed his studies with extraordinary grades. In his letters to his mother, he always asked for prayers to persevere in his vocation and also encouraged the religious vocation of his brothers. The Novitiate took place in the same house of Vic. At the end of August of 1925, he began his Novitiate under the direction of Fr Ramón Ribera, and would make his First Profession on Aungust 31, 1926.

The next day, September 1, he moved to Barcelona to study Philosophy. It was a long trip, because they left Vic at five in the morning and arrived in Solsona at half past five in the afternoon passing that time almost continuously by train or car. He studied Philosophy with great ease as demonstrated by his extraordinary skills.

On August 16, 1929, he moved from Solsona to Cervera, a five-hour trip from train and bus. During the year of Theology, in February 1931, he received Tonsure and the Minor Orders from the Bishop of Barcelona. On April 2, of the same year he made his Perpetual Profession. To communicate both news to his mother, he once again asking for prayers so he would increase in his apostolic zeal. When he was in his fourth year of Theology, he was ordained to the Subdiaconate on September 17, 1933. The following year, on February 24, in Solsona the Bishop conferred the Diaconate. On May 26, 1934, in Cervera he was ordained to the priesthood. As he finished his program, the Superiors left him in Cervera as a catechist and teacher. At the end of the year, in the summer of 1935, he was destined to Lerida as a preacher.


Qualities and virtues

His fellow students remember his privileged intelligence and intense spirituality.

Since joining the Congregation, he showed a great love for the religious vocation continually asking for prayers to persevere. At the same time, he oriented his training for the sacred ministry, mainly through catechesis and preaching. In his short life as a priest, he became a great speaker, as evidenced by the many works he accomplished.

He was a religious observant and friendly with everyone.



On July 21, 1936, he was arrested along with other members of the community. But Father Albi, when he was taken to prison by the street of La Palma, was hit in the side by a neighbor with a nail or iron punch. This pierced the shirt and t-shirt leaving it bloody. So that day, as recounted by the prison officer, he was admitted to the prison hospital. On the night of 24 to 25, some militiants were present in the infirmary to take him to be shot with his companions, but at that time he was busy behind a door and they warned him not to leave since they were looking for priests. He left the prison hospital on the 25th, and was placed in the same cell as the other missionaries. There he prepared himself for a life of prayer and preparation to martyrdom.

On August 20, 1936, was taken from prison along with 73 other prisoners for being a priest, religious. The Revolutionary leader was carrying a list well prepared and called one by one, among them Father Albi. In the early hours of the 21st, he was shot in the cemetery of Lérida and buried in a common grave of the martyrs.