Arturo Tamarit Piñol

Born August 2, 1913 in Soleras (Lérida)

Professed August 15, 1929

Ordained a priest April 19, 1936

Shot July 25, 1936 in Lleida


Father Arturo Tamarit was born in Soleras, a village in the province and Diocese of Lleida, on August 2, 1913 and five days later was baptized in the parish Church of the Assumption. On June 14, 1917, he received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

His parents were Don Pio Tamarit, a barber and Ms. Maria Piñol. They had eight children, all boys to which they were educated in a Christian manner. Four brothers became Claretians. Remigio and Arthur, and Father’s Alfredo and Pius were all martyred.

Arturo entered the Postulancy of Barbastro in the summer of 1923. The following year he became ill and had to return home to recover. In 1925-1926, he was back to a regular program with his classmates. In August 1926, he went to Cervera to continue the Humanities program. On July 27, 1928, he began his Novitiate in Vic.     His Novitiate year would be under the direction of Fr. Ramón Ribera. He made his First Profession on August 15, 1929.

The following day he left for Solsona to pursue studies in Philosophy. He also began programs in Theodicy, Ethics and Sociology in 1931, but due to finances, was unable to complete these programs.

He began his studies of Theology on October 1931. His Prefect was Fr. José Arner. On January 23, 1932, in Cervera he received Tonsure and the first two Minor Orders. The new Civil Law disrupted all plans on the ordinations and professions. Some would make their profession usque ad exercitium servitii militaris.

On April 5, 1935, he travelled to Barbastro to receive two more Minor Orders. In June 13, 1935, the centenary of the ordination to the priesthood of St. Anthony Mary Claret, he was ordained a Subdeacon in Solsona. On August 26, he moved to Barbastro for the last year of Theology. On November 10, of that same year in Huesca he received the Diaconate. The following year, in Barbastro, on April 19, 1936, he was ordained to the priesthood from the Apostolic Administrator, Bishop Florentino Asensio.

In the beginning he was destined to go to Cervera, but Father Provincial informed him that his true destiny was the community of Lleida, where he arrived on June 25, 1936. Here he was surprised by the outbreak of the religious persecution.


Qualities and Virtues

The Master of Novices saw him as cheerful, communicative, peaceful, good for community life, although a bit distracted and careless in his responsibilities. But he was fulfilling his obligations with responsibility. Despite the fact that he had great intellectual qualities, he would always distinguished himself by his respect, humility and application to work. His colleagues highlighted his simplicity, his helpfulness to everyone. In addition he was a mindful religious, obedient and pious.



He was arrested July 21, 1936, in the home of Sra. Puig with almost all members of the Claretian community, with the exception of the three Brothers. From here he was taken to the prison. Just like the other imprisoned, the hours were dedicated to prayer and preparation for martyrdom. At 4:45 in the morning of July 25, 1936, in the “field of Martyrs,” he was shot. He was buried in a common grave called “pit of the martyrs.” It wasn’t possible to identify his remains.