Pedro Vives Coll

Vives, Pere

Born September 23, 1874 in Palleja (Barcelona)

Professed December 27, 1896

Shot October 19, 1936 in Mas Claret-Cervera (Lérida)


In the town of Palleja, within the province of Barcelona, Pedro Vives Coll was born on September 23, 1874. His parents were Don Isidro Vives, a day laborer and Maria Coll. Four days after his birth, he was baptized in the parish Church of Santa Eulalia, of the Diocese of Barcelona. He received the Sacrament of Confirmation in November 1879, by the Bishop of Barcelona.

As with many children of this time periord, he received his education in the town school and when he was age, he began working in the fields with his father. In this environment a religious vocation was an opportunity to serve in the Church and a chance to meet new challenges. His parents accepted his decision with joy.

He was already twenty-one years old when he asked to enter the Claretians Missionaries in 1895. Completing a short Postulancy, he began the Novitiate in Cervera. The Novice Master would be Fr. Crispiniano García who guided him through a year of prayer, study and discipline. He made his First Profession on December 27, 1896. Then he learned the craft of a tailor.

His training period to be a tailor was rather short, but he exhibited a sense of confidence in what he did as a tailor. In early 1898, he was sent to the community of Medina de Rioseco (Valladolid), this time as the sacristan in the Church of Santo Domingo, which had been a Dominican Convent. He served in this assignment for 10 year and would move on in May 1908. Brother Pedro was endowed with intelligence and had great skills. Many in the community recognized that he truly was a godly man.