Francisco Sola Peix

Sola, Francesc

Born October 21, 1912 in San Juan de las Abadesas (Gerona)

Professed August 15, 1931

Shot October 19, 1936 in Mas Claret-Cervera (Lérida)


In the town of Sant Joan de les Abadesses, within the province of Girona, Francisco was born on October 21, 1912. He was the son of Don Pablo Sola, a hire-hand and Francisca Peix, who died giving birth. Two days later, he was baptized in the parish Church of San Juan in the Diocese of Vic. He would receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in San Pablo de Seguries on October 8, 1915, by the Bishop of Vic.

His first two years was in the town of Setcasas with a nurse and then in San Pablo de Segúries which was the hometown of his father until he entered the Postulancy of Barbastro in 1926. In Barbastro, he would complete the first two years of Humanities and the remaining years in Cervera. From Cervera, he would move to Vic at the end of July 1930, to enter the Novitiate. After culminating a year of prayer and studies, he would make his First Profession on August 15, 1931.

Right after the Novitiate he moved to Solsona to begin studies in Philosophy. In the summer of 1935, he would begin classes in Theology in Cervera. He had barely started the program in Theology when he soon became ill and had to interrupt the studies and was sent to Mas Claret for recouperation.

He was a bit lazy, and didn’t find it easy to put time into his work. His talents were somewhat limited but at the same time could be humble and pious. Being at Mas Claret to recover from his illness, he was surprised by the outbreak of the Marxist Revolution. Still recouperating, he couldn’t escape from Mas Claret and was subject to the orders of the Committee, which clearly informed him that he must work in the fields. Notwithstanding this, together with the other members of the missionary community, he was able to maintain a life of prayer and sense the need to prepare for the palm of martyrdom. This would become a reality on October 19, 1936.