Francisco Marco Martinez

Marco Francisco

Born February 1, 1917 in Odon (Teruel)

Professed June 11, 1936

Shot October 19, 1936 in Mas Claret-Cervera (Lérida)


In the town of Odon in the province of Teruel, Brother Francisco was born on February 1, 1917. He was the fourth son of Don Tomás Marco, a field worker and Francisca Martinez. Two days after he was born, he was taken to the parish Church of San Bartolomé the Apostle, to be baptized.  On November 9, 1921, he received the Sacrament of Confirmation by the Auxiliary Bishop of Zaragoza.

In 1935, he decided to join the Claretian Missionaries and moved to the house of Vic for the Postulancy corresponding to the category of a Brothers. On June 10th, he began the year of prayers, study and tests under the guidance of Fr. Joseph Arner, the Novice Master. Finishing the year, he was approved to make his First Religious Profession on June 11, 1936.

His first and only assignment was in the community of Cervera to perform whatever task arose in this large house. A few days after his arrival, on July 21st, the Civil Authority siezed the house and expelled every missionary priest, brother and student from the property. Since most of the members from the community decided to go to Solsona, he join them. Opposition from the Marxists Revolutionaries hindered them from going through Tora. By chance, these refugees were welcomed to stay in the Mercedarian Convent of San Ramon. Two days later, he decided to go to Mas Claret. At least he could be with other missionaries. Here he dedicated his time to prayer, preparation for martyrdom, and to work in the field until he was shot on October 19, 1936, mid-afternoon.