Mariano Binefa Alsinella

Binefa Alsinella, Mariano

Born June 27, 1906 in Anglesola (Lérida)

Professed June 11, 1933

Shot July 25, 1936 in Sallent


Brother Binefa was born on June 27, 1906, in Anglesola (Lérida) and was baptized on July 4th, in the parish of Saint Paul Narbonense of that town belonging to the Diocese of Solsona. He received the Sacrament of Confirmation on February 10, 1908, by the Bishop of Solsona, during the pastoral visit. His parents were Don Ramón Binefa, a laborer and Mrs. Josefa Alsinella, a homemaker, who educated him in the Christian faith.

He entered the Congregation on December 1922, in Cervera. After completing the Postulancy, he began the Novitiate on December 7, 1923, and would make his First Profession on December 8, 1924. His Master of Novices was Father Ramón Ribera. He remained in Cervera until February 1926, in which he was sent to Berga and in 1928, to Barcelona. He didn’t have many academic skills but his conduct was good. But there came a moment in which everything becomes difficult by his character, nervous tension, so that he lost the spirit that encouraged him to enter. That is why in February 1930, he requested the waiver of the vows. He responded that he couldn’t be honest with a fleeting impression, and even if it was a persuasion of his inability and he couldn’t fulfill the commitment. At the end of the year he would leave.

After two years, he returned to the Novitiate of Vic. He began again in June 10, 1932 and after his Second Novitiate, Professed on June 11,1933. The reports of the teacher qualify as docile, pious and laborious.

He was assigned to Sallent with the position as cook and working for the cause of Blessed Anthony Mary Claret.



When the community was dispersed on July 20, 1936, Brother Binefa took refuge in the house of Don Manuel El Prat who lived on the Calle Ginerra #45, not far from the residence of the Claretian community. He remained there until the night of the 24th. During these days, he appeared to be serene and trusting in God. He spent his time in prayer and taught catechism to the children of Don Manuel.

On the night of 24th, around 11pm, a number of militia members arrived searching for the friar. They were already informed that he was hiding there. They pointed their rifles at the owners and with strong voices threatened him if he didn’t delivered the friar. Then the owner called Brother Binefa who came out of hiding and said they could take him prisoner.  He was taken to the headquarters of the Committee, which was set up in the house of the Missionaries and then to City Hall to submit to interrogation. There the Brother encountered the other three members of the community. He confessed that he was a religious of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And he would meet the same fate in the esplanade of the cemetery on July 25, 1936, attaining the palm of martyrdom.