Senen Lopez Cots

Born on February 21, 1915 in Barcelona

Professed on January 6, 1932

Shot July 26, 1936, in Lleida


Senen Lopez was born in the city of Barcelona on February 21, 1915, in his parents home located in the Calle Consell de Ciento, number 187. His parents were Don Constantino Lopez, a tradesman, and Dona Antonia Cots. He was baptized on March 17, 1915, and Confirmed on April 25, 1926, by His Excellency José Miralles, Bishop of Barcelona.

He entered the Postulancy in Barbastro on September 1924, where he completed the year of preparation and the first two years of Humanities. In 1927, moving on to Cervera, he continued his studies with great achievement.

In September of 1929, he went to Solsona to enroll in the first year of Philosophy because he was too young to enter the Novitiate, with his classmates. He began his Novitiate in Vic on July 29, 1930. On August 14, 1930, he received the habit and began under the direction of Fr Ramón Ribera. After three months he did offer particulars of the religious vows. On May 23, 1931, he had to leave the Novitiate due to illness. After he regained his health, he returned to the Novitiate on September 14. To advance his profession, he requested and obtained dispensation from the Holy See, because “brings together more than ordinary levels in the physical, intellectual and moral characteristics as a Novice.”[1] The waiver was set for December 8, but it came with many setbacks, by which he made his Profession on January 6, 1932.

The next day he returned to Solsona to continue his study of Philosophy. In August 1933, he would go to Barbastro for health reasons and conditions of nerves, and was forced to interrupt his studies. The following year, he returned to Barcelona, where he began the first course of Theology. On August 26, 1935 he moved to Cervera to continue his studies of Theology.

He received his Perpetual Profession on July 22, 1936, in San Ramon de La Manresana on his way to Cervera. This event is shared by the student Ignacio Ting Pong Lee, as witness:

“The next day in the morning, a event of joy filled the hearts of everyone. The Revolution roared out against everything holy and sacred and especially against priests and religious. And at that time nine brave young men overcoming the weak nature, were enlisted into the number of those persecuted. I refer to the Religious Profession of several of our students. That sacred desire revealed the day before, when they affirmed the questions by to Reverend Father Prefect. It didn’t sink in yet but in view of the forthcoming dispersion and proposd questions by Rev. Father John Agustí, Provincial Consultant, this judged prudent to verify the request. At the hands of Father Agustí, they made their Perpetual Profession, both. José Casademont Vila and Senen Lopez Cots… All this I can attest as I compose in triplicate the act of Profession signed by the Rev. Father’s John Agustí, Felipe Calvo and John Prats. Rev. Father’s Juan Agustín F. Calvo and Jose Ribe, Prefect of Students kept a copy.”


Qualities. He had a great talents. Though he was adaptable, the disease of nerves made his character something difficult and indolent. He was submissive, prudent and a strong worker.



He would be included in the group of Father Jove.

[1]  Letter January 1, 1932 from Father MigueL Orra to Father Manuel de Arriandiaga, Secretary General.