Peter Caball Junca

Caball, Pere

Born on August 1, 1913 in Vilanova de la Muga (Gerona)

Professed on August 15, 1931

Shot on July 26, 1936 in Lleida


Peter Caball was born in Vilanova de la Muga, within the province of Girona, on August 1, 1913, the son of Don Hermenegilo Caball, a shephard, and Mrs. Maria Junca. He was baptized by the Pastor in the parish of Santa Eulalia on August 9, 1913. He received his Confirmation from the hands of His Excellency José Clos, Bishop of Zamboanga (Mindanao), on July 12, 1925.

He entered El Collell, the Diocesan seminary, where during the first three years his education focused on the Humanities. On November 6, 1928, he would join the Claretian Postulancy in Cervera. The following month he would writes two letters to his family. In the first account, he states that he’s doing well and ask them to send the book of Latin Grammar, while in the second, he shares news of his trip by train, which cost him 20 pesetas, and he became dissy on his arrival to Cervera. As a result, he had to stay in bed for a few days.

On July 29, 1930, he was transferred to Vic for the Novitiate. Receiving the habit, he began the Novitiate on August 14, under the direction of Fr Ramón Ribera and would make his First Prefession on August 15, 1931.

He moved to Solsona to continue his study of Philosophy on August 26, 1931. Also in Solsona he would began the studies of Theology in 1934, with great achievement. At the end of the course, on June 13, 1935, he received the first two Minor Orders from the hands of His Excellency Valentin Comellas, Bishop of Solsona.

On August 26, 1935, he traveled to Cervera to continue his studies, which could not be completed because of the religious persecution unleashed in 1936.

He was noted for having good behavior, religious piety and docility. I had strong intellectual qualities and the desire for work and activity. He was a great Latinist, with which he assisted Father Jove with the magazine.

Among an evaluation in February 1932, we can read:

To be prepared for whatever might happen, I have proposed the following. To constantly ask Jesus and the Mother Mary to increase more and more the faith in my heart so that I can publicly confess, even shedding my blood if it’s his Divine blessing; every day in the Sacred Communion I will offer to Jesus as a victim of expiation and ask I especially for the strength to be faithful even at the cost of my life if necessary. Jesus is present to me and remains silent, so that I may know suffering in silence and with joy all the comments, insults, reproaches and persecutions that would ensue.

Martyred: He experienced the same fate as the whole group under the care of Father Jove.