Miguel Rovira Font

Born May 22, 1863 in Vic (Barcelona)

Professed April 2, 1881

Shot October 18, 1936 in Cervera (Lérida)


Brother Miguel de los Santos Rovira Font was born in the city of Vic on May 22, 1863. He was the son of Miguel de los Santos Rovira and Mrs. Filomena Font, who died not long after his birth. He was cared for by his uncle and aunt, whom he considered his second parents. A few days after his birth he received the Sacrament of Baptism. Before entering the Congregation, he was working as a tilemaker and bricklayer.  He entered the Congregation on May 15, 1880 in Vic, where he made his Novitiate and First Profession April 2, 1881.


In August 1881, he was assigned to the house of Solsona, where he served as a shoemaker. On May 30, 1885, he would be sent to La Selva del Campo to assist in a variety of ministries as a tailor and stone mason. Later he would move to Barbastro as an assistant, painter, bricklayer and shoemaker. In 1905, his residence was the community of Gracia, Barcelona. In 1909, he went to Sabadell. After he returned to the house of Gracia. In 1922, he was sent to Alagon (Zaragoza) as tailor’s assistant and later as tile worker because his health did not allow otherwise. For the next number of year he would begin to experience health problems. Eventually Father Maroto decided that Cervera would be the best place for his health and wellbeing.


Brother was a man of good conduct and qualities, although he could be a bit angry, and bad temper. But the report also mentioned that he was a very hard worker and capable of a variety of jobs. On July 21, 1936, he was forced to leave the community residence by order of Civil Authority. Taking into consideration his ailing health, he was taken to the hospital with a number of other missionaries. There he lived community life, dedicating himself to prayer and preparation for martyrdom. This would take place early in the morning of October 18, 1936. He died at the cemetery shouting “Long Live Christ the King!