Manuel Sole Vallespi

Born on September 19, 1913 in Fayon (Zaragoza)

Professed September 24, 1929

Shot October 18, 1936 in Cervera (Lérida)


In the small village of Fayon, in the province of Zaragoza, Manuel was born September 19, 1913. The son of Don Francisco Solé, a laborer, and Mrs. Generosa Vallespi. Eight days after his birth, he was baptised and later received the Sacrament of Confirmation when he was two.


He entered the Congregation on October 12, 1924 at the Seminary of Barbastro, where the Prefect of Postulants was Father Jose Ribe. In Barbastro he completed the first two years of Humanities and then moved to Cervera in 1926. At the end of July 1928, he went to Vic for the Novitiate under the direction of Fr Ramón Ribera. He would make his First Profession on September 24, 1929. The next day he left for Solsona with other students to study Philosophy. The summer of 1931, he would study Theology, Ethics and Sociology. The end of the summer of 1931, he would move to Cervera. Here he began his study of Theology. On January 23 and 24, 1932, he received Tonsure and the first two Minor Orders. While living and studying in Cervera, illness would hamper his studies in 1934.



July 21, 1936; when the community was dispersed on the order of the Civil Authority, he was taken to the hospital, along with the others who were sick and the elderly. He suffered with great resignation the consequences of pleurisy. He lived at the hospital until the day of his execution by firing squad on the early morning of October 18, 1936. During all this time he dedicated himself to prayer, recollection and to the preparation for martyrdom. He was taken in a truck to the cemetery along with the 10 missionaries and was riddled with bullets while shouting “Long Live Christ the King!” Along with the other religious, he was buried in the Cervera cemetery.