Luis Hortos Tura

Hortós Tura, Lluís

Born on February 8, 1915 in Argelaguer (Gerona)

Professed on August 15, 1931

Shot July 26, 1936 in Lleida


Luis was born on February 8, 1915 in the village Argelaguer within the province of Girona, and was baptized a few days later on February 14, in the parish of Santa Maria. Some time later he would receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

His parents were Don Lorenzo Hortos, a laborer, and Mrs. Magdalena Tura. They had five children.

He entered the Postulancy in Barbastro in the summer of 1925, and began his studies of the Humanities. In 1928, he moved to Cervera to continue his studies, which was improving in performance and academically.

On July 30, 1930, he moved to Vic to begin his Novitiate year. On August 14, 1930, he received the habit and began his Novitiate. He would make his First Profession on August 15, 1931.

A few days later he travelled to Solsona to begin studies in Philosophy. The day after his arrival, on August 27, he wrote to his mother to notify her that the journey from Vic to Solsona was not on the 17th, as planned and reported, but on the 26th, due to special circumstances; the journey made by car was from 6:30 in the morning until 10:00 with brief stop in Manresa.

Beginning his theological studies in 1934, was in the college of Solsona and he would move onto Cervera, where he arrived on August 26, 1935. It was there that he was presented with the problem of military service and his family sent the necessary documents. In the last two letters, he seemed to express something changing, on December 1935, to his mother to wish her many blessings on Christmas, and the last on April 20, 1936, to his brother Peter, evoking many memories of his childhood and the importance of the priesthood and missionary activity. In the last, he also refers to the political situation in these terms:

By the current religious and political situation, don’t become confused or let your hearts be troubled, although at times we have been in danger and in difficult situations, nothing special has really ever happened. It’s the providence of God which frees us from every danger. This is why we need to pray to God to give us what we truly need materially and spiritually. If we do that and we try to be good, you’ll see how we will live in peace and tranquility.”

In the first report, his Prefect in Philosophy stated that he was in good health, behavior, and normal activity, but with some mental laxity. He was later described as a quiet, submissive, helpful, playful and pious. Very worthy as a religious. His talents were average.



Along with the group under the guidence of Fr. Jove.