Joseph Auselle Rigau

Auselle, Josep

Born July 5, 1913 in La Sellera (Gerona)

Professed September 27, 1931

Shot October 18, 1936 in Cervera (Lérida)


In the village of La Sellera, in the province of Girona, Jose Auselle was born July 5, 1913. The son of Don Pedro Auselle and Mrs. Dolores Rigau. He was baptized two days after his birth. He entered the Congregation on August 28, 1925 in the Postulancy of Barbastro where he began his studies of Humanities. In 1927, he went to Cervera to continue such studies. In September 1930, he would begin his Novitiate in Vic and make his First Profession on September 27, 1931. The following day he departed with his classmates to Solsona.

It was in Solsona that he would study Philosophy and Theology. At the end of the first year of Theology, and on June 1 and 2, he received Tonsure and the first two Minor Orders. In the summer of 1935, he left for Cervera to continue the studies of Theology. During this period, they realized he was suffering from bone tuberculosis, for which he was hospitalized on July 21, 1936.


Qualities: very delicate health. Conditions for the work: mental precipitation. Good talent. Meek and pious. Skills for preaching.



Expelled from the community house of the former University, to the hospital until his firing squad on October 18, he led a life of prayer. He also made an effort to escape from the hospital, but due to his illness, he wasn’t successful. On September 8, he wrote to his father the following message:

“I am writing to you inform you of my state of health. I have spent this time in the town hospital, duly attended; the disease continues its normal course. As the specialist in Barcelona recommended, I take many baths of sun, rest and fresh air. I was told I would be better off there in the village with the family. I should be grateful if you come for me, since the Administrators and the Committee give me permission to move. Would you come and another from the family. _ José Auselle.

I should be grateful if you would come and the sooner the better.”

Along with the other ten at the hospital, he was taken on the night of October 17, 1936 and shot in the cemetery of Cervera. He died shouting “Long Live Christ the King!