José Serrano Pastor

Born March 24, 1899 in Corella (Navarra)

Professed August 15, 1915

Ordained a priest May 25, 1923

Shot October 18, 1936 in Cervera (Lèrida)


Father Jose was born in the town of Corella on March 24, 1899. His parents Don Eugenio Serrano and Mrs. Felicia Pastor were both from Corella. He was baptized the following day at the parish of Our Lady of  the Rosary and Confirmed on October 1, 1901. The family was large which included three sons who would become Claretian Missionaries and a daughter, Sister Mercedes. He entered the Claretian seminary in Alagon (Zaragoza) on October 14, 1910 together with his brother Antonio and three others from Corella. His brother Jesus entered years later. In the summer of 1912, he went to Barbastro to complete the Humanities program. In the summer of 1914, he entered the Novitiate at Cervera on August 14,  under the direction of Fr Ramón Ribera. On August 15, 1915, he would make his First Profession. The studies of Philosophy and Dogmatic Theology would take place in Cervera. On May 7, 1921, he would recieve Minor Orders. In August 1921, he left ofr Alagon to study Moral Theology. On May 26, 1923, he was ordained to the priesthood by the Bishop of Solsona.


His first assignment was at the college of Xativa. Due to various illnesses, he had trouble in fulfilling his ministries. On July 21, 1936 having to leave the former university, he move to the hospital. Forming community with the other missionaries, he also used this time to prepare for martyrdom. On the early morning of October 18, 1936, the missionaries were taken from the hospital to the cemetery. He would tell the Sister’s: Goodbye, do good and thank you for everything.


They were all taken in a truck to the cemetery. During the journey they were singing and and shouting “Long Live Christ the King!