Joseph Amargant Boada

Amargant Josep

Born on September 25, 1916 in San Feliu de Pallarols (Gerona)

Professed on September 27, 1932

Shot July 26, 1936 in Lleida


In San Feliu de Pallarols, a village in the province and Diocese of Girona, Jose Amargant was born on September 25, 1916, the son of Miguel Amargant, a farmer, and Mrs. Dolores Boada. He was baptized on October 1, 1917, in the parish church of the village. He received his Confirmation at the hands of His Excellency Ramón Font, Bishop of Tarija, Bolivia, on June 23, 1929.

In 1926, he entered the Postulancy in Barbastro to begin studies in the Humanities and in August 1928, he went to Cervera to complete them. He made remarkable progress in these studies and exhibited a noticable development of his intellectual qualities.

In July 28, 1931, he arrived in Vic to begin the Novitiate. He received the habit on September 26, barely fulfilling the minimum age of 15 years, and began the Novitiate under the direction of Father Paul Jansa, and would make his First Profession on September 27, 1932.

He moved to Barcelona to begin studies in Philosophy on September 27. Three years later he would move to Cervera to begin his studies in Theology.

In the reports to the Provincial beginning in 1935, it was noted that he was very talented, something careless (was in full development) but did have a very good will, submissive and pious. In the following report that year, it underlines his docility which has gained strength and constancy. The reports of Father Felipe Calvo in 1936, confirmed his good character.

Martyrdom: He would be shot along with the other students under the care of Father Jove, as described above.