Antonio Perich Comas

Perich, Antonio

Born June 21, 1911 in San Jordi des Valls (Gerona)

Professed August 15, 1928

Shot September 16, 1936 in Castellvell del Vilar (Barcelona)


In the village of San Jordi Desvalls, Gerona, Antonio Perich Commas was born on June 21, 1911. He was the son of Don Juan Perich, a farmer, and Carmen Commas. He was baptized on July 9, 1911, in the village Church and would receive Confirmation in the same parish. He began his studies in the village school and religious formation at the parish. Entering the Congregation on September 2, 1923, he studied Humanities in the Postulancy in Cervera. In the summer of 1924, he moved to the Postulancy in Vic. His Prefect was Father Jaime Girón. In 1925, he returned to Cervera to study Rhetoric. From January to April 1927, he suffered heavy and persistent headaches, which made it impossible for him to continue studies. In July 1927, he began the Novitiate in Vic. Receiving the habit on August 14, his Novice Master would be Fr Ramón Ribera. He made his First Profession on August 15, 1928.


At six in the morning on August 17, he left Vic for Solsona for further studies. He excelled in Philosophy. On August 26, 1931, he went to Cervera to begin studies in Theology. He dressed in civilian clothes to avoid any problems. On January 23 and 24, 1932 he received Tonsure and the first of two Minor Orders from His Excellency Valentin Comellas, Apostolic Administrator of Solsona. As a gifted student, in the words of a professor, “I never saw him study, and in class he would spend time drawing caricatures.” Completing his Theology program on August 22, 1935, he moved to Barbastro. Arriving at the house, he was greeted by Father Minister and three Brothers, because all the others had escaped to the mountains. In June 1936, he was reassigned to Cervera. He arrived on July 10. Formal in nature, at times he was pessimistic but with a sense of humor. He was suffering headaches and nerves due to the circumstances taking place at this time. He was a charitable and fervent young man. In that he was very talented, he showed great promise.


Flight, arrest and martyrdom

On July 21, 1936, most of the community had to leave for Solsona, but the situation sent them to San Ramon. With Father’s Juan Alsina, Leache and Martija, the student Perch and a group of Postulants they went to Castell de Santa Maria.  On July 27, they were arrested on the train while going to Manresa. In the prison they would follow the same fate as Father Juan Alsina, so they continued praying. From prison, Antonio sent a postcard home reporting that he was being held and that they could go to see him.


On September 16, 1936, Antonio would be shot.  He was identified by the objects found on his body.  The corpse was wearing a white shirt with dark pants, black shoes and black socks. His hands were very thin. There was also a letter. He also had a military card from Cervera. Antonio had a bullet wound in his heart. He also had a head wound and was identified because he was next to Father Alsina.