Amadeo Costa Prat

Costa Prat, Amadeu

Born on January 4, 1916 in Tona (Barcelona)

Professed on August 15, 1932

Shot on July 26, 1936 in Lleida


On January 4, 1916, Amadeo was born in the village of Tona (Barcelona) and three days later he was baptized in the parish Church of San Andes of Tona belonging to the Diocese of Vic. He was Confirmed in the same Church in March 1918, by His Excellency Francisco Muñoz. Bishop of Vic.

His parents were Don Paladio Costa, a tailor, and Mrs. Rosa Prat.

The first three years of Latin were at the Seminary in Vic. He entered the Postulancy in Cervera on June 30, 1928. Here he completed the the third, fourth and fifth year of Humanities.

He went to Vic on July 28, 1931, in order to make the Novitiate. He received the habit on August 14, 1931, under the guidance of Fr Paul Jansa, and would make his First Profession on August 15, 1932, the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.

Two days later, in a rented car, along with 14 other seminarians they traveled to Solsona to study Philosophy.

On August 26, 1935 he moved to Cervera to study Theology with the illusion of the priesthood.

He was a person of good physical presence and had an excellent voice, with notable talents, and skills for preaching. At times he lacked insights, proud, but also submissive, pious and of good will. With hard work, he did excel in being seriousness, religious and observant.


Martyrdom: along with his classmates.