In the city of Barcelona, the Claretian Missionaries had two communities during the “Marxist revolution” of 1936. Each community was quite different. One was the Provincial Curia with a public college and Church situated on Father Claret Street in the Gracia neighborhood. It was called the community of Gracia; the second community belonging to the Congregation was located on Ripoll Street, close to the old part of the city. It’s focus was dedicated to the apostolate of the press, the Coculsa editorial and preaching. READ MORE

Fr. Blanch Ferrer, Jacinto * Bro. Capdevila Costa, John * Fr. Casals Sunyer, Càndido * Sch. De Esteban Rada, Adolfo * Fr. Junyent Estruch, Antonio * Fr. Montaner Fabré Cyril * Fr. Planas Aguilera, Thomas * Fr. Valtierra Alonso, Gumersindo


Castro Urdiales is a maritime city, founded by the Romans, and is located in the northeast province of Santander bordering the Vizcaya province.

In the years prior to the proclamation of the Republic of 1931, the social lifestyle of the city was quiet. However, certain sectors, such as the sailor were losing certain Christian customs and values. On the other hand, the young people of the region seemed to look toward the future with new prospects. The opening of the Barquín college in 1925, managed to open new horizons. In addition, there were two factions, a duplicate of institutions: two music centers, two weekly publications (Flaviobriga and The illustration of Castro), two maritime Councils,… Despite the two fronts, little was know of the left, nor of the Republic, and much less of communisms and anarchisms. READ MORE

Bro. Barrio Barrio, Felix * Fr. Carrascal Mozo, Isaac * Fr. Gelada Hugas, Joaquin


When speaking of Cervera it has been mentioned with regard to almost all the Claretian martyrs outlined so far. This gives an idea of the importance which this city had in the life of the Congregation of Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The clear reason is that from 1887, the Claretians established their residence in the building of the former University founded by King Felipe V. The building, was large and majestic, and was located in the upper part of town. The University was closed in 1842, by decree of Espartero. READ MORE

Sch. Agorreta Zabaleta, Onesimus * Fr. Alsina Ferrer, John Maria * Sch. Amalrich Rasclosa, Amat * Sch. Amargant Boada, Joseph * Bro. Arizaleta Salvador, Dionisio * Sch. Ausellé Rigau, Joseph * Fr. Bover Alvareda, Emilio * Sch. Bueria Biosca, Evaristo * Fr. Buxó Font, John * Sch. Caball Juncá, Peter * Bro. Campo Jiménez, Nicolás * Bro. Canals Pascual, Francis * Sch. Casademont Vila, Joseph Maria * Sch. Casajús Alduán, Teófilo * Bro. Casany Vilarrasa, Antonio * Bro. Castán Messeguer, Fernando * Sch. Cerdá Cantavella, Antonio * Fr. Cortadellas Segura, Enrico * Sch. Costa Prat, Amadeo * Sch. De las Heras Izquierdo, Eusebio * Sch. Elizalde Garvisu, Antonio * Bro. Ferrer Escolá, Josep * Fr. Font Font, Manuel * Sch. Elcano Liberal, Joseph * Fr. Giron Puigmitja, Jaime * Sch. Hortos Tura, Luis * Fr. Jove Bonet, Manuel * Fr. Jové Pach, Lluís * Fr. Leache Labiano, Julio * Sch. Loncan Campodarve, Joseph * Sch. Lopez Cots, Senen * Bro. Marco Martínez, Francisco * Fr. Matute Tobías, Heraclio * Sch. Miguel Moncalvillo, Constantino * Bro. Milagro Mesa, Francisco * Sch. Oscoz Arteta, Miguel * Sch. Pascual Abad, Emilio * Sch. Perich Comas, Antonio * Sch. Plana Rabuguent, Luis * Fr. Prats Gibert, John * Sch. Pinyol Ricart, Genaro * Bro. Reixach Vilaró, Buenaventura * Fr. Ribe Coma, Joseph * Bro. Rius Camps, Ramon * Bro. Roca Buscallá, Ramon * Bro. Ros Nadal, Joseph * Bro. Rovira Font, Miguel * Bro. Saperas Aluja, Ferran * Bro. Senosiain Zugasti, Juan * Fr. Serrano Pastor, Joseph * Sch. Simon Perez, Francisco * Bro. Simon Sala, Narcís * Sch. Sola Peix, Francis * Fr. Sitges Obiols, Pere * Sch. Sole Vallespi, Manuel * Sch. Tamarit Pinyol, Remigio * Sch. Vazquez Santos, Vicente * Sch. Vidal Balsells, Josep * Bro. Villanueva Olza, Julián * Bro. Vives Coll, Pere


The City of Lleida, located to the west of Catalonia, had 39,000 inhabitants in the year 1936. Despite a small population before the outbreak of the Revolution and religious persecution, there were quite a few political parties such as: Catalan Esquerra Republicana (Youth), the Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia, Radical Socialist, called Petera in this capital, the Communist Party, Action Republican Catalan, Spanish Socialist Party Estat Catala; and trade union, P.O.U.M., C.N.T., F.A.I., Rabasaires U.G.T. and Union. There all seemed to have a  right-wing philosophy. READ MORE

Fr. Albi Aguilar, Luis * Fr. Baixeras Berenguer, Miguel * Fr. Busquet Lluciá, John * Fr. Codina Picasso, Frederic * Bro. Dolcet Agusti, Angel * Bro. Garriga Pagés, John * Fr. Lloses Trullolls, Agustin * Fr. Morell Casbiscol, Xavier * Fr. Surribas Dot, Francisco Xavier * Fr. Tamarit Pinyol, Arthur * Fr. Torres Nicolau, Manuel


Sabadell is a city located 25 kilometers to the West of Barcelona. The Claretian Missionaries were their only 37 year, when the Revolution began. On July 20th, the left-wing Rebels began attacking the churches and convents. The Religious communities asked the Civil Guards for protection. The Guards couldn’t intervene because they received orders not to go into the street. When they were unable to find safety, the Piarists, Claretians, Marists, Escolapias, Sisters of the Divine Shepherd, those of the Sagrada Familia, Carmelites, Josephine and the Handmaids of Mary all left their residences or convents and took refuge where they could find shelter. READ MORE

Fr. Mateo Casals Mas * Fr. Joseph Reixach Reguer * Fr. John Torrents Figueras * Fr. Joseph Puig Bret * Bro. Joseph Claveria Mas * Bro. Juan Rafi Figuerola * Bro. Joseph Cardona Dalmases * Bro. Joseph Sole Maimo


In 1935, the Congregation of Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary had four communities in the Province of Valencia, namely: Valencia, El Grao, Requena, and Jativa. El Grao was a school of patronage for sons of workers, opened in 1935, and presided over by Don Enrique Vallbona. The Fathers resided on St. Vincent Street and went to school every day. But as this became very difficult, they began to suffer. They decided to live in the Center. By mid-1936, only the Valencia residence was open because they was forced to close the others because of political and social circumstances. READ MORE…

Fr. Alonso Santamaria, Marceliano * Fr. Gordon de la Serna, Ignacio * Fr. Francés Toledano, Luis * Fr. Galipienzo Pelarda, Thomas


The city of Vic is located to the north of Barcelona. It is about 50 kilometers away and the town of Sallent is to the west of Vic. The Spanish Marxist Revolution development in these cities as in Barcelona were implimented contrary to the principles of the Gospel. The leaders of this Revolution were the same as those of the nation that had given laws with the intention of making life impossible for the Church, even with the hope of making it disappear. Their leaders had proclaimed countless times the incompatibility of this revolutionary system with the Church. READ MORE…

Bro. Facerias Garces, Miguel * Bro. Casals Badia, Joseph * Fr. Codina Ventayol, Miguel * Fr. Codinach Espinalt, John * Fr. Capdevila Porter, Joseph * Fr. Blanch Badia, John * Bro. Costa Homs, Isidro * Bro. Binefa Alsinella, Mariano * Fr. Mercer Soler, John * Bro. Mur Blanch, Marcelino * Fr. Payas Fargas, James * Fr. Arner Margalef, Joseph * Fr. Navarro Martinez, Casto * Fr. Aramendia Urquia, Julio * Fr. Puigdessens Pujol, Joseph