Aquilino Bocos

The celebration of the ecclesial recognition of the martyrdom of this numerous group of Priests, Students and Brothers of our Congregation raises in me three sentiments:

1) Gratitude for the testimony they gave. Gift of the Holy Spirit and fidelity to the project of life that they assumed. They embraced as a program of life the memorial of Claret “A son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary …” and death did not separate them from their love for Christ and their brothers and sisters. Their martyrdom calls us to the confession of our faith and to reconciliation with all, without exclusion.

2) Joy because they are our brothers and we can enjoy with them the crown of martyrdom, which is like a confirmation that it is worth suffering and suffering for the Gospel. They continue to radiate the joy of those who have entered the house of their Lord and spread the joy of their faithfulness to the end. They live the mystery of communion and today they call us to radiate the joy of fraternal, ecclesial and social communion.

3) Restlessness. This beatification makes me relive once again the last questions that, from their martyrdom, our brothers throw. It is a healthy, stimulating restlessness that makes you leave yourself and overcome all routine and indifference. With this restlessness, I will participate in the celebration as a disciple who, deeply moved, hears a solemn lesson of life. The martyrs do not teach us primarily to die, but to live. To live the love of Jesus Christ, His Church, Mary, the Congregation, the workers, those who persecute them … They give us a lesson on how to prioritize in following Jesus and in his liberating and transforming ministry; how adversity is dealt with and how death is accepted with joy from faith and hope.